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1+ Years Experience Outbound Fundraising or Telemarketing?

Start from home immediately.

If you have dedicated internet connection, MDS will ship you a laptop and headset before your first day. You will then train from home for 2 weeks before moving to our virtual call center floor as a Communication Specialist.

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Little or No Experience Outbound Fundraising or Telemarketing?

Start in our Mesa, AZ or

Oshkosh, WI call centers.

Upon graduating from trainee status you are

eligible to work from home if you wish. This takes approx. 6-10 weeks (with 8 weeks being the average).

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MDS is currently hiring in the following states:


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Who are we?

MDS Communications is a 31-year-old family-owned telephone fundraising company headquartered in Mesa, Arizona. We have a satellite call center in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and over 220 agents working from home in a variety of states around the country! We serve 28 of the nation’s most respected non-profit organizations in the country, providing for their telephone fundraising needs. All the organizations we serve are committed to honorable work like lifting families out of poverty, feeding hungry people, protecting vulnerable children, building houses for those in need, providing life-saving medical care for those who would not otherwise have access, advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and promoting the conservative cause. Many of our clients are household names. We call ourselves to the highest level of integrity in all that we do! Last year, we made over 6 MILLION outbound telephone calls and raised nearly $28 MILLION for our clients!

Pay & Benefit

What's in it for you?

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Experienced Applicants Starting at Home       $16 per hour for full-time, premium shift

Pay rates are $14 base plus a bonus of $2 per hour just for working 40 hours for a total of $16.

In addition, MDS has a generous performance bonus program, through which our top agents can earn up to $10 to $12 per hour in additional performance bonus. About 1/3 of our agents receive performance bonus. In 2023, MDS paid over $670,000 in performance bonuses.

  • Weekly Paychecks

  • Weekly Performance Bonuses

  • Great Medical Insurance after just

      2 months of full-time employment

  • Paid Training

  • Paid Time Off

  • Overtime Opportunities

  • Promotion and Advancement Opportunities

  • Strong Team Support

  • Friendly Christian Work Environment

  • Personal satisfaction knowing YOU are making this world a better place

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What does it take?

MDS hires people at all stages of life and backgrounds. We have found that the

following character virtues and traits are much more important than experience.

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If you have one or more years of successful telephone fundraising or outbound telephone sales experience, you can train from home and start from home. We are presently hiring in 12 different states for people with this experience: Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin.

As of early 2023, about 80%

of MDS agents work from home!

Key Work From Home Requirements:

  • Quiet place to work free from household interruptions

  • Wired internet connection with a minimum of 15mbps download speeds and 5mbps upload speeds


Who do we partner with?

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For MDS' Corporate Website, click here.

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