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Do I need call center experience?

In most cases, yes, at least 1 year of outbound call center experience is required.

Can I work from home?

Yes! About 80% of our agents enjoy working from home. The key requirements are a quiet place to work – free from household interruptions and a wired internet connection with a minimum of  15mbps download speeds and 5mbps upload speeds.

When can I begin working from home?

If you have one or more years of successful telephone fundraising or outbound telephone sales experience, you can train from home and start from home. We are presently hiring in 12 different states for people with this experience: Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin.

How much bonus money can I earn each week?

In 2023, MDS paid over $670,000 in agent performance bonuses! Usually the top 35% or so of agents earn some performance bonus amount each week for an average amount of $620 per month. Our top 5-10 agents earn an additional $10 - $14 per logged system hour just in performance bonus!!! (For a total of $25 - $30+ per hour.) Another 20-30 agents each week earn an additional $4 - $9 per logged system hour in performance bonuses. Will you be the next MDS “Call-Star”??

Why do you pay a bonus for working 40 hours?

For our premium shift, our starting pay is $14 per hour for those starting directly from home.


But we also pay a “Worked Hours” bonus of $2 per hour for full time employees (40 hours) and $1 per hour for part time employees (20+ hours) for each week they work their scheduled total hours.  We created this bonus as a way to increase pay rates while incentivizing people to make sure they work their scheduled hours.  


Combined, the total hourly wage is $16 for starting at home for premium shifts.


In 2022, MDS paid our agents nearly $650,000 in this bonus – just for working their scheduled hours!  This is totally separate from the performance bonus mentioned above.

What does the job entail?

Using our predictive dialer, you will place outbound fundraising calls to donors for a variety of organizations. Every fundraising pitch and the amounts you ask for are all scripted for you. This requires a friendly voice, strong reading ability, conversation skills, and the ability to navigate a computer screen.

What kind of training will I receive?

Our formal training program is two weeks long. The first week is predominately “classroom” style training where one of our Trainers explains the job to you with some time spent getting your feet wet on the phones. The second week of training is predominately calling time with lots of close coaching along with some continued classroom.


While the formal training program lasts 2 weeks, it typically takes between 6 and 10 weeks (with 8 weeks the average) to promote from Trainee status.

Will I make cold calls?

Most of the calls you make will be to existing donors to the organization. However, some of the people you call will be highly qualified prospects.

What are my promotion and advancement opportunities?

MDS prides itself in providing ongoing promotion and advancement opportunities, not only in call center leadership, but across many of our key departments, such as Data Processing, Fulfillment, and Client Services. Dozens of our managers started as call center agents!

Can I get health insurance?

MDS has excellent health insurance through United Healthcare (America’s largest health insurance provider). Our new agents are eligible to enroll on the 1st of the month following 2 months of service.  MDS pays about 2/3 of the Employee premium!

Do I get paid vacation?

Yes! All full-time employees are awarded paid vacation after 6 months of employment.

What schedules are you hiring for? What are the pay rates for those schedules?

We are currently hiring for multiple schedules at multiple pay rates. For more information, please contact Jasmine Bauer at (920) 249-8131 or, or apply now!

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