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What our employees have to say!

Hunter w years 2024.jpg

“I absolutely love coming to work every day because I always feel respected & valued. Throughout my time at MDS, I have met some of the most wonderful people who I consider to be my family now. If you are considering applying at MDS Communications – just know that you will not regret it! I thank God every day for bringing me to MDS and allowing me the opportunity to make a difference in the world.”

Previously: Call Center Agent, Print

Production Specialist, Payroll & HR Coordinator | Currently: Operations Administrator

Bernice w years.jpg

"I have worked at MDS for over 4 years now and I am happy to say that I still enjoy being here. (I have not been able to say that about other places I’ve worked.) I started as a caller and was able to make a VERY NICE paycheck with the incentives and bonuses. I was recognized and rewarded by being promoted, many times. I love the organizations that we call for. The atmosphere at MDS is very positive. I have met many great people here and I can't wait to meet YOU as well."

Previously: Call Center Agent, Pod Leader, Training Coach | Currently: QA Analyst

Jasmine w years 2024.jpg

"There was a sense of family from the first day I started at MDS. The managers truly care for their employees and show that in numerous ways. I started off as a Communication Specialist and worked hard to be promoted to the role I am in today. Many members of our management team at MDS share a similar story as we believe in promoting within. The Christian atmosphere is another reason I love MDS. I love that I can pray with my team to start off my day and the understanding that we must put God first in all that we do. Welcome to MDS Communications!"

Previously: Call Center Agent, HR/Operations Assistant | Currently: HR Generalist

Morgan w years 2024.jpg

“The people at MDS really care about each other – it’s like one big family! There are a lot of opportunities for advancement as well, because we invest in the people who invest in us. I started as a Communication Specialist and many other members of management did too. If you're looking for a positive and welcoming atmosphere where you'll have opportunities to advance your career, MDS is the way to go!”

Previously: Call Center Agent, Program Administrator, Program Manager, Director of Program Management, Senior Director of Ops & Dialer Tech | Currently: Vice President of Operations & Dialer Tech

James w years.jpg

"I came from another call center for the pay but ended up really enjoying and caring about the organizations we called for here. I excelled in calling and worked hard to make sure that I did a good job for the people we were helping through the charities we called for and eventually was promoted several times. I’m currently the AM Results Coach in Mesa. I wish you all the best of luck and know that we change lives together!"

Previously: Call Center Agent, Provisional

Coach, Pod Leader | Currently: Results Coach

Heather w years 2024.jpg

”I came to MDS during a time in my life where I was struggling. I knew that I wanted to work somewhere where I was valued as a person and where I could be around people who make me feel loved. I have had many different jobs before I started at MDS, but nothing has come close to the positive environment at MDS. I love that we can pray daily and openly at MDS and I love the difference we make for the causes we call for. I have also made many lifelong friends during my time here at MDS and for that I am so grateful.”

Previously: Call Center Agent, Team Leader,

Pod Leader, At Home Pod Leader | Currently: Mesa Head Coach

Ashley with years.jpg

"I have been part of the MDS family for more years than my fingers can count. I have made phone calls, I have managed a team as a coach, trained new agents in the call center, trained virtually, and have helped with recruiting! MDS truly is a great place to grow in many ways! I have met so many wonderful people throughout the years that have become close friends. I love what I do and enjoy teaching others to become a successful telephone fundraisers as well. This job has given me the flexibility that I need as a mother and wife. I also know that at the end of the day, I feel good knowing that I am making a difference in this world being able to help those who need it the most. "

Previously: Call Center Agent, Team Lead/Coach | Currently: Trainer

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